"I just moved to Edmonds a few months ago. I go to Rory's occasionally if I get off work early. They make a stiff gin and tonic, their fire wings are yummy and the service so far has been great! Can't wait for summer to sit out on the deck." --- Google.com, January 2010

"Nice pub in downtown Edmonds over looking Puget Sound. Love sitting outside on the deck in the summer. Great food, love there sandwichs and the wide variety of beers. I recommencomd you check this place out"
--- Google., January 2009

"I love this place. Service is outstanding; bacon cheeseburger is to die for. If you're in Edmonds, go there. 'Nuff said." ---Yelp.com, January 2009

"Since I grew up in Edmonds, I think it would be impossible for me to have anything negative to say about this bar. I only get to visit on holidays or when I'm home visiting my family and friends, but I always enjoy myself. I conveniently also always run into someone that  I haven't seen since graduation and look forward to mini high school reunions during Christmas. The beer is good, the bartenders are friendly and the customers are well, come on, obviously amazing." --- Yelp.com, January 2007